Our Mission

Be a premier provider of strategic consulting solutions and services, enabling clients to achieve their business objectives in a timely, measurable and cost-effective manner.

Our Vision

Be the strategic consulting partner of choice in the markets we serve.

Our Values

  • Be excellent, not average
  • Embrace differences through collaboration and by valuing yourself and others
  • Teamwork builds success
  • Foster growth in yourself and others
  • Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy — have fun!

What We Do

Enterprise Architectural Solutions

A key driver behind many business integration problems is change: Change that comes from mergers and acquisitions, process re-engineering, technology platform changes, technology integration challenges and other factors.

For many businesses, however, complex technology systems, built up over years, patched together and poorly integrated, hinder their ability to implement change without disrupting ongoing business operations.

DBI can help your business respond to change efficiently and cost-effectively by taking a business-architecture-driven approach to your enterprise integration challenges.

DBI Consultants are experts who specialize in Information Delivery and Business Integration. They fill a wide variety of roles for our clients, including:

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • System Architects
  • Data Architects
  • Project and Program Managers
  • Business and System Analyst

Each of our consultants is well-versed in both business and current technologies to keep you moving forward.

The result is a clear perspective for employing technology to integrate operations and achieve business objectives. Instead of an obstacle to change, your technology infrastructure will make agility a competitive business advantage.

Software Development

DBI consultants are more than just experienced business and applications architects and developers. They take leadership roles in development projects as well. So when it comes to business intelligence, enterprise integration and other development projects, there's no better source for ensuring project success.

DBI consultants specialize in Java, Open Source and .NET applications. We can help you achieve success as:

  • Lead developers
  • Lead project engineers
  • Application architects
  • Supplemental support for your staff

When it comes to custom development, DBI consultants thoroughly understand agile development methodologies and project management methodologies. You'll feel confident putting them in leadership roles on your development projects or simply leveraging them to augment your staff.

Information Management

Accessing information real-time during decision-making has become an important strategic and competitive need for many businesses. In fact, leveraging data warehouses, data marts and reporting databases has evolved from a monthly reporting exercise to a real-time capability that executives need and use every day.

DBI's business-architecture-driven methodology and our focus on operational integration are ideally suited to helping you get the most value out of your business intelligence (BI) investments. We succeed where others don't because we start first with an understanding of the operational processes where information originates and a clear picture of the information challenges your decision-makers face. Then, and only then, do we map this information into operationally integrated IT solutions that provide executives with the right information at the right times.

Our BI offerings include:

  • Smart ETL infrastructures to feed BI applications
  • Reporting data stores
  • Enterprise BI warehouses
  • Executive scorecards

Business Analysis Process Improvement

DBI Consulting has extensive experience in Business Analysis and Process Improvement.

DBI's business analysts take a disciplined approach to identifying and managing the changes that are required for them to achieve their strategic goal and bridge the gap between Business and IT. Some areas we focus on are providing assistance to our clients in strategies, policies, processes and information systems.

Our business analysts are highly experienced and have the ability to work across a number of Methodologies (Agile and Waterfall) and projects simultaneously. Our business analysts specialize in:

  • Business Analysis
  • Business Systems Analysis
  • Process Improvement
  • Quality Assurance and Testing

Strategic Staffing