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Demystifying the Cloud: May 20, 2014


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The Business and Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice (BEACoP) is made up of business and technology architecture professionals as well as professionals from related disciplines that contribute to leveraging architecture to generate value for business.

Based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Business and Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice (BEACoP) has been continually extending its presence since 2006.


Business Architecture: Driving Innovation and Business Growth by Warwick Alcock

February 10, 2015

We have attached a link below so that you can view and fully appreciate the great information that Warwick had to share.


Focus90 - Business Architecture Driving Innovation and Business Growth Presentation.pdf

Business Architecture: Driving Innovation and Business Growth

Innovative new Companies can explode onto the market at any time, transforming markets, destroying competitors, and claiming valuable blue-ocean space. With a creative, agile and dynamic approach, Business Architecture is an increasingly important discipline for igniting organizational potential and driving game-changing strategies. This results-focused approach to Business Architecture outlines systemically linked performance drivers and enablers that have a powerful, cumulative impact on organizational performance. A core theme of the presentation is the emphasis on agility, innovation and speed, which, in a highly competitive and disruptive global business environment, are increasingly important requirements for performance, business growth and strategic success. The presentation concludes with practical implications for Business Architecture.

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